Monday, 12 October 2015

Some VERY Exciting News...

All has been a little quiet here for a while... but that is because something super exciting has been happening. As usual when I get over excited about something, it completely consumes me. SO without further ado...


We have spent what feels like a lifetime searching, ringing, making lists, joining forums, going to festivals... but we finally have our bus! We had been watching her on eBay, but due to her unusual paint job had decided not to purchase. The day before the auction ended we realised that this bus ticked EVERY box on our wishlist, so we should not discount it because I thought it was a little ugly. Liam of course loved the paint job anyway! 

The bus is a Devon conversion and almost completely original inside. She needs some love... but overall in fantastic condition! We have had her for two weeks now and have spent countless hours sourcing new parts, making things and ripping things out. We have unearthed some scary things... I am very excited to share our restoration and excitement here and will post an update hopefully at the end of this week. We are dropping her off at the bus doctor's tonight - fingers crossed!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Adventures In Homebrew

My husband and I quite like a tipple. Now don't be taking this to mean we are often drunken fools... we just love us some good wine/gin/cider/port//whiskey (I could go on). However, other than making our own Bailey's each Christmas, we have never ventured into any other sort of homebrewing. We have good friends who are wizards at this sort of stuff and who often gift us beautiful homemade drinks . 

We discovered this week that one particular walk nearby is riddled with wild berries. We had just missed raspberry season and the elderberries are weren't ready, but the blackberries were out in full force. I have never seen such huge quantities of deliciously ripe hedgerows! We filled the only receptacles we had about our persons - emergency poo bags from my sister's pocket.

At the time we had no idea what we were going to make with them, as we are currently midway through Whole30. A massive haul like this needed to be used for something epic! The perfect idea eventually struck - blackberry brandy. Not strictly homebrew... more of home flavoured liqueur perhaps? Either way, we could enjoy making it immediately and have it ready just in time for Christmas.

Our googling led us to the Two Thirsty Gardeners who had a fabulous looking recipe and we got straight to work. Don't the blackberries look scrumptious as they begin to bleed into the sugar?! Phwoar. 

As always, Neville was a fabulous little helper. This cat cracks me up. He is just so laid back ALL the time! 

The brew is now safely tucked away in the little pantry under our stairs. I will report back at Christmas with the results. In the meantime, we are hoping to make some limoncello and gin. Have you ever made your own brews? What recipes did you try and how did they turn out?

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sneak Peek: Home Tour

Letting my sister persuade us to move into Cheshire, was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We had been on the village waiting list for months, with countless phone calls and emails to see if anything had become available. We heard rumors of a little cottage... then we heard it was ours, had the keys that evening and moved in two weeks later! 

The place wasn't very well loved, so those two weeks consisted of painting, tiling, cleaning (SO much cleaning), laying floors and more painting. Did I mention painting? Every. Inch. I was desperate to have it all done before we moved, as I knew we just wouldn't get round to finishing it once we were in. We had almost everything done and with a lot of help from friends and family, had a smooth move. There are still an awful lot of things on my to-do list and I am far too excited to share them with you all, but for now, here are a few Instagram snaps our beautiful home so far.

Hello Darling.

Well, this has been an embarrassingly long time. It's even more embarrassing if I admitted to the number of times I've said "Right! I'm blogging again from RIGHT NOW!". Let's not get into that...

I'm switching it up. I need to do me. I need to live healthier and happier, and I reckon this outlet could help. But for now, a quick catch up is in order...

Since the last time I was here, I have moved to the Cheshire countryside, got married, gained two cats and begun a fantastic new career. Life is good.

Now let's get back to business!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Goals For 2013

I'm not a big one for new years resolutions. I never stick to them, and people always come up with the same thing (me included). So this year, inspired by the blogosphere, I'm creating a list of things that I want to happen in 2013. Some are things I should be doing and am too lazy too (heh) and others are things I strongly believe will make my life a happy place. Hopefully I will be able to show over the year that I am achieving these goals! If not you lovely people can tell me off ;)

1. Blog more! I've gotten a bit lazy over the ol' blogging recently. It's something I really love doing and now that my shifts in work will give me more time, I will be blogging a hella lot more! I'm aiming to start with at least 3 times a week.

2. Take more time to notice and appreciate the good things.  Too many great moments pass me by. I feel I have concentrated for too long on the things that need improving, and this needs to change.

3. Learn to play the ukulele. Ooooh this is one I'm super excited for! More on this very soon :)

4. Do at least one craft project a week. I miss crafting. Work and winter got the better of me. I will craft my little heart out this year! And share it all with you of course ;) Lots and lots of wedding DIY's need to be done too.

5. Think about how I can use my talents to make a few extra pennies. I'm pretty nifty when it comes to crochet, graphic design and more... I really should put my skills to use. How do you guys do this?

6. Practise Photoshop skills. I used to be awesome, now I'm alright... I will be better! I love Photoshop.

7. Stay organised. I'm talking diaries, wall charts, colour coding, new pens, drawer dividers, time management, blog lists!

8. Get a new job. Long long LONG overdue.

9. Ebay. I have too many things I just don't need or use. Ebaying things will give me more room and funds for pretty new things ;)

10. Take more photographs and learn. I want to be a better photographer, I will be instagram-ing my heart out and spending lots of time with my new love - my Diana F+ CMYK (swooooon).

11. Thrift more. I hope to find every thrift store possible and go to a LOT of car boots and vintage fairs.

12. Be healthy. OK I couldn't help but put this one in. I need to shed a good few pounds and eat healthier. I would really like to start running!

13. GET MARRIED! Holy moley. I suppose this isn't really a goal... but there are a LOT of things to be planned and prepped. I will try not to go wedding crazy on here... but it IS only 214 days away y'all!!!!! So much to do!!!

What are your goals? I have seen some great ones out there this year.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

...and inside! Holy moley. Our cute little home has no heating and it's much colder this year than last! Fortunately I have many twinkly lights, beautiful blankets and cozy hot water bottles to keep me warm. That's not to say i'm not freezing my tush off though ;)

England's weather is so unpredictable. As I live on a peninsula we pretty much have our own little micro climate - this usually means we don't get snow, but this winter is so consistently cold I really have my fingers crossed for a white Christmas :). Do you live somewhere with really cold winters? Do you have any tips to keep warm indoors?

I went to bed very excited a few days ago, I was certain I would wake up to thick snow. I tidied everywhere up and tucked myself into bed with an extra pair of socks on. I woke up early the next morning to the teeniest sprinkle of snow, but the most beautiful frosted morning I have ever seen. I'm so sad I didn't have the time to take a picture (running late for work eek!). The view outside our window is mostly houses and it just didn't do it justice. Around the corner we have a sweet little golf course and it was breathtaking all white!

I need to take more time out of my life to capture great photographs. This is going to be top of my 2013 list I reckon.